Vol. 238 2014/09/17



Last week the story went back to Aladdin and everyone else. For this week’s Magi as well, please treat me well!

A long time ago, various characters became jumbled together through circumstances. Please attentively watch all the self-assertions with Aladdin.

- Original

You’re scared because you’re thinking about what’ll happen if you lose us, right? If what you lost was too big, and you can’t replace is with something else, you don’t have to replace it with just one thing, right? If you get ten small things, or a hundred small things all together … it will be enough of a reason for you to keep going! No one’s going to criticize you if you get excited for something, or you laugh with all your heart! And if someone does, I’ll beat them up!


Touma's AHR anime screen time!! | ごめんなさいいいいいい | Ao Haru Ride 11
Title: white silence (album version)
Artist: TK from 凛として時雨
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